After the disappointing closure of Manifest in 2013, Melbourne fans wanted a place to gather and celebrate their love of anime, manga and games. In 2014, gathered a team and put together the first Animaga.

Consisting of a team of anime lovers, the Animaga team aims to bring fans and creators together to celebrate their love for anime culture from Japan by presenting a range of fan-driven interactive activities to Melbourne.

Activities at Animaga include Cosplay Competition, Animaga Idol, the Animaga Arcade, Maid Cafe, and more! Other attractions include the Exhibitor Zone and the Artist Alley, where you will definitely get yourself some swag.



Maka represents the Melbourne community. She is the unruly, ever-curious cat of the duo. Easily distracted and carried away, Annya is constantly running after her, and sometimes with her.


Annya represents the Japanese culture. She is the refined princess, holding the leash of Maka. Often found napping or trying to reign in Maka, she is a beautiful and chaotic force to be reckoned with once Maka gets her going.