2019 Activites

This year, Animaga will be showcasing bigger and better activities than ever before. Make sure to check out the timetable!


In the Drawing Area, we have plenty of fun DIY activities waiting for you. All materials will be provided and workshops are completely free of charge.

Our volunteers will be on-hand to assist you. There will always be something surprising for you to bring home!


If you’re feeling competitive, come and submit your artwork to our Drawing Competitions!

Not so keen on competitions but want to show off your skills or do something fun and collaborative? No worries. We’ve got a giant wall of blank space just waiting to be drawn on. Come draw together with other attendees or marvel at the various artwork on it.


Do your feet feel dead tired but you don’t want to just sit around eating or staring at other attendees? Come to our papercraft and origami workshops where you can rest and create.

2019 will feature a newer and larger selection of DIY activities including badge-making and flower ornament-making, so feel free to check them out!


Tired of never finding that Copic marker in the proper colour? Not an issue! Marvy Le Plume Permanent Markers come in 141 different colours. We’ll be having small tutorials with all 141 colours in our Drawing Area. Ask our volunteers about it!

Cosplay Competition

Once again, we wrap things up with our cosplay competition. Featuring our stunning guests Hakken and Onnies, who shall bear witness to the fascinating craftsmanship displayed on stage. Whether it’s the coolest armor or the delightful gags, these competitions always bring in a wide range of skills and characters who are just eager to show them off. After a long day of con crawling, take a seat, relax and cheer on that friend whom you’ve probably encouraged to enter.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only enter for one day. Spaces for each day are limited. In the event that the day you would like to apply has already been filled, you will be offered an entry into the competition that runs on the other day. (e.g. if the Saturday competition is full, you will be offered to compete in Sunday’s competition)

Please upload the following:
  • Character Images
  • Group Images (if applicable)
  • Skit Images (if applicable)
  • Skit Videos (if applicable)
  • Skit Music (if applicable)
  • Please attach a reference picture of your character/s (full-body if possible)

Please upload your supporting files. Only the following are allowed: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, mp3, mp4

Please tell us about ONE element of your cosplay that you are particularly proud of or that you really want the judges to know about.

Animaga – Cosplay Competition Rules
  • Please read though the cosplay competition rules before you submitted the application form
Animaga – Awards
  • Best in Show
  • Best Group
  • Best Performance
  • Best Craftsmanship
  • Judge’s Award
Animaga – On the day
  • Check-in at 12pm and includes pre-judging at this time.
  • Pre-judging to be hosted by the Cosplay Ambassadors.
  • Pre-judging is scheduled between 12-12:30pm. Cosplay Ambassadors will inspect cosplays and ask questions. This will be done on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  • Marshalling will commence 30 minutes before the competition is scheduled to start.
  • Each competitor will introduced, with the MC referring to the information provided on the entry form (name, character, one element of the cosplay they want to highlight). The MC will ask competitors ONE question about their cosplay (excluding skits). The competitor/s will then pose before exiting stage.
Both Check-in and Marshalling are compulsory for all contestants. Failure to attend check-in and marshalling may result in disqualification.

Cosplay Parade

Animaga Cosplay Parade, where you can show off your cosplay and have fun without the the pressure from competing with your fellow cosplayers


“Okaerinasaimase Goshujin-sama, Ojou-sama, Hime-sama! Welcome home to Animaga Maid Café!” Our maids and butlers are here to serve YOU – our masters, ladies and princesses of the house.

The Animaga Maid Café will be returning this year! Come and experience a long-standing Animaga tradition hailing all the way from the traditional Maid Cafés of Akihabara, Japan.

Animaga Maid Café aims to offer a comfortable environment for every customer. Whether you are looking for relaxation over a cup of tea, being served a meal by your charming maids and butlers, enjoy a kawaii dance performance, or play a game or two and be entertained by your loyal staff. Have a break from the exciting hustle and bustle of the Animaga Convention, and relax at the Animaga Maid Café.

We look forward to serving you soon.
°˖✧◝(❀◕ ‿ ◕❀)◜✧˖°

GUNPLA and Plamo

Local modelers and Animanga will be hosting a plastic model and Gunpla building workshop during the Animaga weekend.

Plamo is a popular expression used in Japan for plastic models including cars, military hard ware and anime subjects. In 1961 a company called Aoshima produced the first Japanese plastic model in the city of Shizuoka, before they manufacturing wooden plane kits to be used as a teaching aid in Schools. Shizuoka city is the plamo center of Japan hosting the biggest industry event each year and several factories including Tamiya and Bandai.

Gunpla is also a popular term in Japan for Gundam plastic model, the main mecha appearing in the 1979 anime Mobile suit Gundam. Gunpla refers to the line of model kits by Bandai depicting all robots from the different Gundam series. The first Gunpla released in 1980 and sold for around $3. This line required glue, paints and stayed in one pose. Today it is the biggest line in the global plastic model industry. Modern kits today come pre colored and snap together with little tools, no glue and the articulation/ detail of a action figure.  

Beginners and established hobbyists are welcomed. We will be demonstrating basic and advanced techniques by request on the day. Basic kits and tools will be on offer as well as multiple traders on site with the latest imported products on sale. Children and Adults of all ages are encouraged to participate.

Nippers will be lent out for free in the building area; attendees are also free to bring in favorite tools and projects from home. Make sure to check out the competition display of modified and painted models, all attendees are also free to display work on the day. 


Originated in Japan around the 80’s as a subculture, Itasha has grown to popularity over the last 30 years with thousands of owners worldwide. Itasha which translates from Japanese to English, literally means “painful car”.

The Itasha culture is unique and interesting, owners would decorate their vehicles that involved pint pallets and stickers which are predominantly cute female anime characters.

Animaga will be having an Itasha display of vehicles which are commonly seen driving the streets of Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan). There will be photo opportunities, and merchandise at this display and if you were every interested in becoming part of this popular trend, come and ask how you to get involved.

Ball Jointed Dolls

Influenced from the Japanese doll tradition, Ball Jointed Dolls, also known as BJD for short are making an appearance for this years Animaga 2019. Whether you are a BJD enthusiast, or would like to check out what they are, or just want to know about the history of BJD, the BJD display will not disappoint.

There are photo opportunities with the BJD display as these dolls have been dressed for the occasion. Owners from around Australia have come to showcase their collection, and hoping you can come and learn about this interesting activity.

If you would like to know more, or you just simple would like to get your own Ball Jointed Doll, be sure to ask one of the BJD booth attendants who would love to help you out with your first doll.


Animaga will be having a Lolita booth which will be showcasing one of Melbournes Lolita groups. Originating in Japan as a subculture, highly influenced by Victorian and Edwardian children’s clothing and style from the Rococo era, the Lolita group will have everything on display.

Did you know that in 2009, the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs assigned models with the title of “Kawaa Taishi”, which translates to “Ambassadors of Cuteness”.

If you would like to know more about the history of the Lolita, or learn how to get involved within this fashion, there will be a Lolita panel during the weekend. With competitions to enter, merchandise you can purchase, and opportunities to get involved, the Lolita display is a must-see activity.

Scavenger Hunt

Animaga will be hosting a new style of the Scavenger Hunt event, with prizes to be won, and interesting activities you can interact with throughout the hunt, this is a must-do activity.

This year, the Scavenger team have worked hard to bring together a new version of the Scavenger hunt. With clues to follow, and activities you must get involved with to progress. This is definitely an activity you must do.

There are chances to win prizes from our sponsors, and everyone gets to take something home after the hunt.

The hunt begins at the hour, the clues are timed, and everyone will need to complete tasks. It is a $5 entry, complete the mission, and you shall have a shot at winning the treasure.


Go head to head with teams of 2-6 in this years Animaga 2019 Trivia. Test your knowledge in the Anime related questions, pop culture references and many more!

Get a team together of 2-6 people, enter at the start of the day or online on our website. This years trivia is designed to have Quick Fire sessions, a chance at the Wheel of Fortune, and try to Guess the intro.

Be sure to enter quick, as there are on 5 sessions per day and spots are very limited!

LANdu + Lan-Slide

This year, Animaga has partnered up with Melbournes biggest LAN event! LANdu and Lan-Slide will be making an appearance at this years Animaga. Come visit them at the gaming area to try out your skills at their gaming showcase.

Alongside the Animaga 2019 Cosplay Competition, LANdu will be hosting another Cosplay Competition at the Melbourne Showgrounds, a chance to win even more prizes!

Want to go to both events but don’t want to miss out? There will be shuttles running to both events, just ask our friendly front of house staff, or the team at LANdu.


Animaga is excited to announce that we are proudly sponsored by Crunchyroll. This year, we will be bringing you the some of best Anime titles at our Screening section. Crunchyroll will be having a booth near the screening area, so be sure to check them out.

Be sure to grab a special movie screening ticket that will be available from the Crunchyroll booth throughout Saturday. Tickets are limited, and the best thing of all, they are free!

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  • Best Performance – 1st place award for the competition
  • Runner Up – 2nd place award for the competition
On the day
  • Check-in at stage 2 around 12:00pm so you can ensure that you have sent us the right track
  • Be at Stage 2 15 minutes before the event begins. Marshalling should commence at this time.
  • Each competitor is introduced, with the MC referring to the information provided on the entry form (name, song name, related anime).
  • Judges will be able to pick winners while the cosplay parade is running
  • There will need to be time allocated in the schedule after the Cosplay Parade to award the winners of the Cosplay Competition