Have you imagine that one day you can stand up on the stage signing your favorite anime song. Everyone in the venue is looking up to you and hearing your voice.

Anime Idol is back at Animaga this year and this is your chance to be the idol on the stage. Join it now!!

Application will be open prior to the event


  1. Entrants can sign up to the Anime Idol Competition here

  2. Songs May not exceed five (6) minutes

  3. Entries will not be accepted after 23:59 (11:59PM) on the 1th of August, 2018.

  4. One entry per person, if found to be competing multiple times, you and (if applicable) your team will be disqualified.

  5. There will be on the day entry at the info desk, entrants may not be able to participate after 12:00noon on the day . Any entries at that time are forfeit. Slots are allocated by: First come first serve.

  6. Song choices must be relative to anime/J-POP. But are not strictly limited to songs in the Japanese language.

  7. It is recommand that you can provide us song/ youtube url while you submit the application. 


  1. Participant(s) will go onto the Karaoke area for the competition on time.

    1. If they do not show up, they are then disqualified. Substitutes are not allowed

  2. Participant(s) will sing their song, the judge(s) will score them according to these criteria

    1. Accuracy

    2. Timing

    3. Enthusiasm

    4. Quality

  3. After all the participants have sung, the judges will choose the winner

  4. The Judge(s)’s Ruling is final

  5. Time permitting, the winner will do an encore

  6. The winning participant(s) will receive a prize and a certificate