Cosplay Competition

Dress up as your favourite character from pop culture and compete with your peers on the Animaga Cosplay Competition.

Animaga’s Cosplay Competition will be divided into two categories.

  1. Dance/Entertainment Skits (I.E. Comedy, drama, ETC.)

  2. Walk-ons (Done “in character”.)

Competition Entry Form

Cosplay competition form will release in later days

General Rules and Policies

  1. Each participant must have valid a weekend or One-day pass

  2. Submit completed Cosplay Competition Registration Form

  3. Minimum 1 of reference character. This is to ensure that the cosplay exists and/or that work on it has begun.

  4. Up to 5 additional photos e.g. work in progress

  5. Submit audio/visual in correct format Music (MP3, WAV) Video (Mp4, WMV, MKV) Images (JPEG)

  6. Performance Audio (Microphones will be available – only for skits).

  7. Multiple entries permitted (one each day) but they must be different characters

  8. Participants ages 15 years or younger MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian to participate. 

If you have completed the online registration you must check in on the day, at the cosplay registration table, before 1pm each day.

There are a limited number on the day registrations available on the day.

All dialogue, music, and props are required to fit within a PG-13 rating. This means that no swearing or sexual connotations or instances. Simply ask yourself if you think what you want to do is appropriate for children, and if it isn’t then don’t do it.

Each entry is limited to a maximum of 10 cosplayers per group. For special circumstances, please contact the Cosplay Competition Coordinator.

Limited At-Con/Late registration will be available at the Cosplay Competition if space permits on the day. We reserve the right to refuse additional entrees.

Staffs of Animaga Expo 2018 are NOT eligible to compete in the Cosplay Competition. Volunteers can enter.

Costume Rules and Guidelines

Costumes can be from any anime, manga, comic, graphic novel or video game.

NO REAL WEAPONS ALLOWED ON STAGE AT ALL. You will be disqualified and removed from the stage if you bring them. All fake weapons need to be peace bonded. (Visit registration to get them tagged.) More details please conform to Animaga’s Weapons Policy & Code of Conduct.

A Competitive Entry into the Cosplay Competition requires that your costumes better be your own work and not made by someone else or store-bought. If your costumes are not your own work, you must inform us of this.

Performance Rules and Guidelines


An entry that’s sole purpose is to display the costume, and qualifies by the walk on stage time cap. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Simple walk on walk off stage

  • Modeling

  • Light acting/dance

  • You are allowed 1 minute maximum stage presence.

Skit entry

An entry that’s purpose is to perform an act in addition to displaying the costume (performing some kind of action with costumes beyond general walk-on), or does not qualify by the walk on stage time cap. All performances must have prerecorded sound. There is no live speaking on stage.

  • All skits must be family friendly (PG-13).

  • Your skit should not exceed 5 minutes in length. This includes set up and cleans up! Failure to not keep within the time limit will result in a point reduction.

  • During the skit contest, all competitors will be expected to follow the instructions of the MCs, judges, or other staff members in charge.


  1. Presentation (How well the group or person got their point across, use of music, dialogue, and presented their Cosplay or skit)

  2. Acting and Performance (How well the group or person performed.)

  3. Entertainment value (How entertaining the cosplay skit or walk-on is, based on audience excitement).

  4. Cosplay (Craftsmanship)

Animaga‘s Cosplay Competition Divisions

Open Level

  • Open to anyone and everyone

  • Judged on a range of criteria

  • Special prize for Rookie Cosplayer

  • Special Mention Award


  • 1st Place

  • 2nd Place

  • 3rd Place

  • Rookie Award

  • Special Mention

Skit Performance Awards

  • Best Skit

  • Special Mention